Every woodworker should build two workbenches, in my opinion, the first to get skills and identify mistakes and the second one for life.
This is my fist one ūüôā

P1100308 This is how I make my workbench.
The workbench top is 180cm x 80cm x 87cm heigth.
The shelf is 160cm x 60cm .
Nothing like have a nice project to start.You can get the Google tSkechUp project here

Stuff you should know before starting ūüôā

How to Calculate the workbench heigth
Rules for Workbenches from Popularwoodworking

The Making of

Qtd Description length width height U.Price Price‚ā¨
3 Ripa 2600 140 18 9.49 28.47
2 Ripa 2600 150 22 9.99 19.98
1 Placa Aglomerado 2440 1220 10 12.99 12.99
2 Placa Pinho 2000 500 18 10.99 21.98
2 Ripa Casquinha tosca 2400 63 72 11.89 23.78
1 Placa contraplacado 600 300 15 4.49 4.49
1 Ripa casquinha aplainada 900 44 44 9.79 9.79
Total 121.48


Qtd Description U.Price Price‚ā¨
8 Parafuso aço zincado D8x10 PKG 0.35
8 Porca Seistavadas aço zincado D8 PKG 5.78
16 Anilha aço zincado D12 PKG 2.59
1 Var√£o Roscadp M8 1.75 1.75
4 Porcas D8 0.8 0.8
4 Anilha D8 0.8 0.8
4 Cantoneira Preta 12×14 1.75 1.75
1 Torno bancada Drapper 150mm 18.01 18.01
1 Perfil Chato Aço 1000x350x60 9.79 9.79
Total 41.71

Attach apron the the legs

  • Cut the legs to to final length.
  • Upside on a flat ground attach, with glue and 2 screws, the 4 legs.
  • If the screw are small, the the legs + apron you can make a recess.
  • ¬†Make the stretcher ¬†about 20 cm from the ground.
  • ¬†I set the stretcher heigh ¬†so I can put power tool box under the shelf.
  • Add 2 boards across the top, and¬†the¬†stretcher shelf, for stability.
  • The shelf is 10mm MDP(Particle board).


  • At this time I apply water base varnish, because is easy before set the top.
  • My top is made by 2 pine boards 1800x400x22 mm glued together making the top 1800x800x22 mm and screwed to the apron.
  • Apply same water base varnish to the top.
  • ¬†Open 2 holes for the¬†Drapper 150mm vice as close to the leg I can
  • ¬†Open 3¬†more holes for the vice guides and rod
  • ¬†On the front I add 44×44 mm spruce block, so the vice is flush with the top.
  • And add some replaceable wood jaw ¬†in the vice.
  • For more stability I add a 90¬ļ french cleat ¬†on the inside.
  • ¬†Add the other replaceable wood jaw to the vice.
  • My vice has only 150mm and I want a bigger one so I add a 450 mm steel bar in the outside of the vice.
  • An now I have a ¬†Vice. ( In the ends it¬†do not hold very much, this is one of the things that I change if I could.
  • ¬†Add a effect in the ends with router.
  • ¬†“Et voil√°” my workbench vice.
  • ¬†In this photo you can see the detail in the end of the right¬†side of vice.
  • ¬†In this photo you can see the detail in the end of the left¬†side of vice.
  • ¬†In this photo you can see the detail of the vice and left workbench side.
  • Apply a water base varnish to the top and the work is finish.
  • After 3 cotes of the¬†water base varnish.
  • Add some tools and shop stuff.
  • ¬†FINISH

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