Toolbox for Chisels and Planes


 Toolbox to make my planes accessible and store my chisels.


Intro / Teaser
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04
Part 05
Part 06

Stuff you should know before starting :)

As always a nice project starts with a nice plan.

For this project I use cheap pine and I only use hand tools.

Dimensions are 500mm x 400mm x 200 mm

The Making of

The sides and back are dovetailed together. The front rails are set in a small groove in the sides. The drawers runners are glued and nailed in place.
The two drawers were made “traditionally”  with 2 half lap dovetails on each side at front and mortise and tenons in the back.
(As a note the gap in bottom dovetail is the drawer bottom rail)
The bottom groove was made with a combination hand plane Stanley #50. The material used for the bottom drawer is MDF 3mm.
 The top shelf is made in pine with a rim of 30mm in the sides and back, in the front the shelf was rounded with a hand plane.
As predicted, it feels like a glove to the place I made it for.
 The I installed round handles made of beech.
Then the finish was water based, stained mahogany, varnish.
 And that’s how it looks in my shop.