My Primary Sharpening System

For My Primary Sharpening System, I use two bench hooks one in plywood with three small cheap diamond stone (coarse, fine and extra fine) and the other, in pine, has a gullet for a Stanley combination oil stone and other for synthetic diamond stones ( also coarse, fine and extra fine).

  • (on the left) 3 water diamond stones cost about ~7.42€ each.
  • (on the right) 1 combination Stanley (came with the guide for about ~15€)  and the synthetic stones a set of 3 for ~9€.

The coarse from the synthetic is more aggressive than the coarse from water diamond stones, I use it for make the primary bevel, other than that I prefer the water stones because they are in metal and do not bend.
The Stanley is a oil stone and I use it to polish the bevel at the end.

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Hi Augusto, can you point me in the direction of the coarse diamond plates for 7.42 euro please? I need a rougher stone to get a primary bevel on some old chisels I’ve inherited recently.

Kind Regards, Derek

Thanks for the comment Derek, Please check your email for more info where I got the stones…

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